Dear old and new friends,
The year 2020 started off with hope and a fresh outlook
for the future. Plans were made and expectations were
set. Then we heard about the Corona Virus. Based on our
experiences, most of us believed this would be a minor
inconvenience. We now realize this outbreak is different.
It surprised us, spread rapidly worldwide and in a sense
connected us all. The virus knows no boundaries, no
language, no race, no class distinctions. We are all equal.
All have been forced to pause, adjust, and readjust our
lives as needed.
It is in a time like this that I switched from “clients” or
“patients” to “dear friends”. The word “friends” describes a
higher level of connection. Friendship denotes mutual care,
concern, and requires trust. When you enter Functional
Physical Therapy we see you as friends. Ensuring your
optimal health is our primary concern.
The staff here are committed to using the most up to
date health science to get you back on your feet. Those
who come to us for assistance: child, youth, or adult,
worker, athlete or retiree, will receive the most professional
compassionate care available. We chose a career in physical
therapy out of passion, and our love for helping makes us
who we are. Over the past twenty years you have trusted
us and sent us your friends and family. We are grateful
for your trust.
During this difficult time we must trust each other and
take responsibility for each other’s safety very seriously.
I know the guidelines for Covid-19 seem to be changing
constantly. We follow the news of the world closely to be
able to provide the safest environment possible.
We are opening slowly, allowing us to get comfortable
with all of the precautions that must be met to provide a
safe environment and flow of clients throughout the day.
Some of you are aware that Akant and I, as a safety
measure, are working opposite days to keep patient flow
low to allow for more patient distancing.
We will be wearing masks in the facility to protect you
and ask that you do the same to protect us. We will be
creative in administering exercises that can be done
wearing a mask. During this time of change and adaptation,
communication is everything. While we were closed for almost two months we worked
with a group of knowledgeable professionals to advise us
how to better communicate and stay connected to you. We
will text our clients and use “whats app” to stay connected.
We will also share our cell phone numbers (something we
were taught undermined professional distancing).
We will still be professional, but the “distance” thing will
get a different meaning. While we may need to keep more
physical distance, we can shorten the emotional distance.
So while we are caregivers/clients/patients we carry the
responsibility of friendship.
As a final note. We will be using a new logo during this
period of pandemic. The new logo utilizes color, as color
is the opposite of darkness. There is a lot of darkness
around us all now, but it will not last forever. We need to
concentrate on light and hope and the color of recovery.
Thank you for your continued trust in us,
Akant and Eric


We understand that there is a lot of
fear and uncertainty during this time.
However, we can assure you that we
care about taking the necessary steps
to make sure our patients are as safe
as possible while they are being treated
at our clinic.
For starters, we will only be allowing
10 patients in our clinic at a time, as
recommended by the Centers for
Disease Control. This will limit the
amount of people congregating in
the same area at once and greatly
decrease the risk of anyone passing
any contagions to fellow patients.
Additionally, we have a policy that
patients as well as staff have to wear
protective face masks. The clinic will
be wiped down every half hour with a
hospital grade disinfectant.
For more information about our
health practices for reopening,
feel free to contact us with any
questions you may have.

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