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Nina Ratulowski

Nina Ratulowski, Physical Therapy Aide

Nina Ratulowski started Physical Therapy as a freshman for knee pain. Throughout her rehab at FPT, we found out that the cause of her knee pain was a fracture in her low back. Her rehab was adjusted and her pain was greatly reduced and her ADL function improved drastically. She was able to resume her workouts at the gym and endure prolonged sitting at school. Nina feels that her own P.T. rehab process treated her physical wellness and in addition took away mental barriers, which allowed her to trust her body again. Her rehab was tailored to her needs and consisted of P.T. three times a week at the clinic. Later on, Pool Therapy was added. She felt that Aqua Therapy definitely challenged her endurance and for sure benefitted her wellness, and she loved the fact that it was age-appropriate.